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Welcome Residential Clients!
This page was created specifically to help residential clients hire a geotech.
A Message from the Owner and Principal Engineer, Stephen Eagar, PE

Hello, and welcome to Central Geotech's Residential Portal on our website.  We're glad you found us!

Feel free to browse the videos on this page to get a better idea of what to expect when looking for (and hiring) a geotechnical engineer.  You're not alone!

This page was created because we realized from working with other Clients that there was a need for geotechs to go the "extra mile" for residential clients to inform, assist, and offer guidance when the time comes for residents and their teams to locate a good geotech for their project.


Click the buttons below, get to know us, call with any questions.  


Stephen explains in his own words what a "geotech" is, and what they do.
We've heard the stories before, and can offer some insight on how to get you through.
"Help!  The Permitting Office said..."

If you're reading this, maybe you can relate to this section?  You are not alone!  Watch this video, give us a call, and find the help you're looking for.

We can help you figure out the details of the permitting requirements and get you going again with the right report you need, and perform work in phases, so that expenses can be carefully managed.

We offer services in any jurisdiction in both Oregon and Washington.
What services are
actually needed?

Geotechs can sometimes speak different languages when first navigating the process of hiring one.

There are three major pieces to know:  

Where is your project?  What are you building?  What is required at this phase?


Finding out what services are needed is one of the key pieces to understanding the Client, what phase of work they're in, and of course--what the overall cost should be for the work. 


Watch this video for more details about developing your individual scope of work.

Development of the scope of work is key--here's how to speak "geotech" when you call.
There are steps that can be expected when hiring an engineer.  Stephen explains the process.
Never hired a geotech? Here's what to expect.

Many of our residential Clients have never even heard of a "geotech"--let along had to hire one.

The practice is governed by standards, ethics, and professional licensure, but the process to hire and what to expect?  This video helps to explain everything from start to finish.

Geotech.  Why Geotech?

It is has been called a very strange specialty, and it's true--Structural Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, and even other Civil Engineers poke fun of geotechs.


It's not "dirt", it's "soil".  


Our Owner and Principal discovered that it was for him when Structural classes didn't sit well for him, and had a revelation when sitting in a geotech class at Portland State University.


Watch the video for more, get to know an engineer.  Better yet--call and speak with one.


Stephen explains how and why a career in geotechnical engineering was right for him.
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We look forward to hearing from you with questions about your project!

Feel free to drop us a line.  Be sure to include details about your project.  We typically answer website inquiries within 24 hours.