VA Geotechnical Work

Scope of Work:

Performed condensed geotechnical investigation including drilling, infiltration testing, and an Environmental Assessment of the soils, on an active and busy hospital campus. This investigation was the first step towards gathering data for understanding the site conditions for the proposed parking lot.
Further work is expected on this project to provide geotechnical and environmental consultation throughout the construction process. We expect to perform on site observation and consultation as the construction proceeds.


  • Exploration and soil sampling work completed surrounded by active hospital campus
  • Enhanced environmental and safety requirements
  • Exploration was conducted at specified times avoid disturbance to the surrounding facility operations
  • Provided specific information in phases to the design team, to work in parallel and meet the project deadline
  • Investigation, report, design, and construction expected to be completed within one year of exploration date.
  • Work completed in phases to allow for better cost control


After discussions with the design team, it was understood this project required a tight timeline in order to meet the VA requirements. Due to on-site limitations, part of our explorations were completed before, during, and after normal working hours. We provided a condensed geotechnical and environmental report for this project. Further construction observation is anticipated as the project nears the final phases.

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