Higher Ed Seismic Retrofit

Scope of Work

Performed geotechnical investigation including drilling with two types of drilling rigs, a Cone Penetrometer, and infiltration testing on an active and busy college campus.  This investigation was the first step towards gathering data for a site-specific spectral response analysis in accordance with ASCE 7-16 standards.

Further work is expected on this project as structural engineering analysis will require additional exploration and design parameters for various design features such as foundation improvements, structural retrofitting, or installation of lateral soil or rock anchors.



  • ASCE 7-16 seismic code compliance
  • Site-specific spectral response
  • Exploration and soil sampling work completed surrounded by active college campus
  • Enhanced environmental and safety requirements
  • Exploration completed through various subcontracts and equipment types
  • Work completed in phases to allow for better cost control



This is an ongoing project spanning over the course of a few years.  Our initial coordination and exploration under difficult constraints was successful.  The geotechnical report and site-specific spectral response analysis was presented in a single report under the time schedule allotted.  Further design work from the structural group is to be completed in-depth with our expertise moving forward.

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