Higher Ed Campus Improvements

Scope of Work:

Performed geotechnical investigation including drilling with multiple drilling methods, a refraction microtremor (ReMi) profile, infiltration testing, and a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) on an active and busy campus. This investigation was the first step towards gathering preliminary data for the design and construction of the new Workforce Training Center and the Home Forward affordable housing project.

Further work is expected on this project includes a site-specific spectral response analysis in accordance with ASCE 7-16 standards, a Phase 2 ESA, and additional exploration to determine the fill limits and to refine our recommendations to meet the project design requirements.


  • Exploration and soil sampling work completed surrounded by active campus
  • Exploration included multiple locations to accommodate to future project changes
  • Combination of Geotechnical and Phase 1 ESA in one report
  • Enhanced environmental and safety requirements
  • Exploration completed through various subcontracts and equipment types
  • Close coordination with the client and design team to work in phases to allow for better cost control


This project is currently in the preliminary phase of a multi-year project. Our coordination efforts lead to exploration and then report being completed within the agreed-upon timeframe. The geotechnical report and Phase 1 ESA were presented in a single report. We are currently working through the design process providing geotechnical and environmental insight.

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